Boise Dog Walker Pet Sitter is a pet sitting dog walking service that covers all of Boise’s neighborhoods providing dog walks and various in-home pet care. I am licensed, bonded, insured, and certified with the American Red Cross in Pet First Aid.

When you have to be away from home for travel or an emergency and you don’t want to leave your pet in a boarding kennel, who takes care of your pet? If you’re like many pet owners, you ask a friend or neighbor to stop in and pour some food and water in your pet’s bowls. But is this what’s best for your pet? There’s also a good chance that your friends and neighbors lack the proper pet-care experience and have even forgotten to show up. They may also resent frequent requests to look after your pet while you’re gone. So what’s the solution? Consider hiring a pet sitter — a professional, qualified individual paid to care for your pet.

You can relax and enjoy your time away knowing the same person (me 😀) is lovingly caring for your pets every day. A pet owner and lover, also a sole proprietor, I will personally take care of your pets.

Friends forever: Punky, Angus, Lolly, Nico, Frankie and Lucky.


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